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Lert Info keeps people safer every day when life, property or health is at risk. Storms, contaminated water, toxic smoke, food recalls, road closures and anything else can happen at any time. We can alert you in real time with your, own personal alert. There has NEVER been a day of no alerts in the last 9 years.

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"...Awesome service!! Has definitely saved me a few times.
Thank you.
– Callum Tews

"I love the Lert service, it's saved me quite a few headaches with the inclement weather we get round these parts and frankly, I think $2 is far too cheap."
– Nigel

"Lert Info is amazing. It was incredible during all of Canterbury's events. I am a flight attendant, so feel safe with this system."
– Lee

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"Thanks for the service, lertinfo is really great and works a treat for road transport. The alerts really have saved us time when working out of town. Cheers"
– Mike Hedley, Transport Assistance Ltd

Latest six of 9 Live alerts - for NZ

17 Jan 2022
*Lert* Src= NZTA 09:42
Road closed, crash. SH45 Oaonui, Taranaki, near the intersection with Upper Kina Road. Delay or use Alt. More Info
 +2:58 hrs
[SH45 Oaonui - Taranaki]
16 Jan 2022
*Lert* Src= Exclusive- Weatherwatch 11:09
NEWS: Tongan volcano, excellent compilation on aspects of eruption. Still highly active
More Info
 +0:25 hrs
[New Zealand]
14 Jan 2022
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:56
Wind watch: 12am Mon to 12am Tuesday. South to southeast winds may approach severe gale More Info
 +1 days, 0:12 hrs
[Bay of Plenty east of Whakatane and Gisborne n]
13 Jan 2022
*Lert* Src= Exclusive-Lert 14:10
Significant wave heights expected some East Coast beaches Fri to Wed. Poss inundation at high tide. More Info
 +3:26 hrs
[All North Island East Coast]
12 Jan 2022
*Lert* Src= Exclusive-Lert 16:18
News: Large swells possible Sun-Tues on East Coast of N Is, North of BOP due to TC Cody.
 +1 days, 5:36 hrs
[North Island east coast N of BOP]
3 Jan 2022
*Lert* Src= HDC 15:43
Water Restrictions: Level 1 restrictions now in place for Foxton, Foxton Beach, Levin and Ōhau. More Info
 +16 days, 16:59 hrs
[Fox ton, Foxton Beach, Levin and Ohau]

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